Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Season Recap #1!

Hey Guys, I was looking over results and thought it was cool to see the final standings in the Verge series's, both New England and MAC.

First New England:
elite men (of 54)
32 Peter Rubijono
38 Alex Whitmore

elite women (of 32)
10 Perri Mertens

2/3 men (of 37)
6 Jeremy Dunn
8 Peter Bradshaw
10 Pete Smith
36 Cary Fridrich

and MAC
elite men (of 73)

B men (of 72)
8 Jeremy DUNN
15 Cary Freidrich
21 Peter Bradshaw
22 Pete SMITH

C men (of 38)
17 Erik Peterson

And I think its badass that so many guys are ranked high in TWO REGIONAL SERIES!


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