Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Future of Cyclocross

Watch out New England Cyclocrossers - Ella is already on the bike!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Post of Race Report Posts: !Snapped!

This is my first post to the CB Cyclocross Blog. Not my first post ever to any blog, but nevertheless my first post here. Now, usually I have to put on the right music...not too intense, not too mild....pour myself a little whiskey (writing is always better with a little whiskey). Then, only when the conditions are just right can I devote some sweet-sweet keystrokes to the musings of cyclocross...

Not this time.
Why? You might be asking yourself. Well, self, because I've been mulling this one over for a little over a week now, and I think I'm ready.

Here it is:
Pete Smith is the Hammer of Thor personified, sent down to wreak havoc on the cyclocross world, and he has lessons for us all. *Hint* It's down near the bottom of the post.

Now I know that is a pretty bold statement, but look what results I have to consider here. Sure he did pretty well at the Granouge Race. I mean 4th is ok. If you're into that whole "podium" thing. What I want everyone to consider here is his performance the next day at the Wissihickon (or however you spell that fricken name) Race.

People ask me..."Pete did so good the day before, what happened?" Well, I'm here to tell you what happened.

This guy had no call up to the front row. Being new to the MAC peleton he had no points and had to start back. Way back, like sixth row back. So what did he do? Did he cry about it to the officials? No. Did he complain about it to the other racers? No. Or, at least I don't think so. What he did do was scratch and claw his way up to the chase group in about two laps.

That's when our little friend calamity reared her ugly head.

Snapped chain.

What does Pete-Smith-Hammer-of-Thor do at this point? Does he call it a day? Pack it in? Throw in the towel? Cry to mommy? Punch an official? Kick a puppy?


He picks up his bike and runs like hell. In fact, since he had just passed the pit he runs like hell for half a lap. Then, and we have this on video if you don't believe me, he takes a pit bike and proceeds to slay fellow crossers with it. Pete Rubi and Tall Erik meanwhile are moving like agile little monkeys readying Pete Rubi's bike for Mr. Smith to leap on at the next opportunity.

Now, I know what you are thinking here. "Well, at this point, he was probably just soft pedaling...giving up." Must I reiterate? The Hammer of Thor does not soft pedal. Once again, I can, and will refer you to the video. He is passing people, and not just passing people, but closing the door on them. Slamming the door of opportunity in their faces to finish in 23rd place.

It is not the placing that matters though, its the god damned PROFESSIONALISM here people!

Lets Review in a linear fashion:
-Started 6th Row -Moved into top ten -!SNAPPED CHAIN! -Ran half a lap -Took a pit bike
-Swapped onto someone else's bike -Finished the race

So, what in fact is the lesson here? I think, in my humble opinion the lesson is this. *If you totally eliminate the idea of dropping out, well, then that option doesn't exhist does it?*

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

CB Success at Five Races in Four States!

The Cambridge Bicycle/Igleheart Frames Cyclocross Team showed a presence this weekend at six races in four different states.

One squad went north to the Catamount Cyclocross Weekend, presented by Catamount Family Center in Williston, VT. Jordan Winkler scored top-ten finished on both days which netted him a 10th place in the Beginner Men's Omnium Overall. Nice job Jordan!

Another squad hit two races in Connecticut: Saturday's Southington Cyclocross - Connecticut State Championships in Southington, CT and Sunday's Mansfield Hollow 'Cross Race in Mansfield Center, CT. Alex Whitmore placed 15th in Saturday's Men's Elite race, while Perri Mertens podiumed on both days with a 3rd place on Saturday and a 2nd place on Sunday! Michael Savona went just outside the top 20 in Saturday's Men's B race, and beginner women racers Tasha Boltukhova and Kathleen Fulton were mixing it up with the big girls in the Open Women's race. Way to represent, Team Cambridge!

And yet another squad made the 5 hour trip south to the first two Verge Mid-Atlantic Series races at Granogue and Wissahickon. "Tall Erik" Peterson took 20th in Saturday's C Men's race and then bettered that on Sunday, placing 16th. Cambridge/Igleheart was all over the Men's 2/3 race on both days. Pete Smith podiumed with 4th and Jeremy Dunn 8th at Granogue, and then Jeremy got on the podium at Wissakickon with a 3rd place finish while Pete Smith fought back from a broken chain mid-race to finish 23rd. Lastly, Elite Men's racer Peter Rubijono had a breakout weekend with superb races both days. At Granogue, Rubi finished 24th out of 50 starters and 33rd out of 50 at Wissahickon. For those of you who were not there to see it with your own eyes, I'm convinced Rubi was consistently doing the barrier/run-up section faster than the top pros. Everybody was noticing and talking about him, and soon I will post some video as evidence. Keep it up, Pete! You're moving up!

This weekend's focus will be the local Canton Cup race. It's close, so everyone bring at least two friends along as spectators! Cyclocross Rules!!!

Results and Race Reports:
Mansfield Hollow 'Cross Race
Southington Cyclocross - Connecticut State Championships
Granogue Cross UCI C1- 2007 VERGE MAC Series Race #1
Wissahickon Cross UCI C2- 2007 MAC Series Race #2

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gloucester photo-post (click pics for full size)

More at http://www.flickr.com/photos/13182577@N05/

Peter Bradshaw chased the leader's jersey in sunday's 2/3...
...and ended up on the podium!
Pete R. in the mix in the Sun elites

Driving it up the hill in an aerodynamic tuck.
Jeremy earns his recovery drink.
Roz know how to drive it in like a pro.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Other World Champ

Speaking of World Champions, our's was not the only one ripping up the course at Whitmore's Super Cross Cup last weekend. Erwin Verveken (above, repping the new Cambridge Bicycle T-Shirt), the current World Champion of Cyclocross made the rare trip across the Atlantic to mop up some valuable UCI points. He looked strong and in control during both days of racing. Day one saw him take Wicks at the line, while a rock sent his derailleur into his rear wheel on the last lap of Sunday's race. The WC was a nice guy and a class act, posing for photos with spectators who were all swooning over the rainbow jersey. Check him out in this Cyclofile video riding the run-up in front of Trebon, Johnson, Powers, and Wicks: http://www.cyclofile.com/2007/10/whitmores-landscaping-super-cr.html.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

P.Bradshaw puts CBCross on the podium at Whitmore's Super Cup

Peter Bradshaw, 2007 Cycle Messenger World Champion, took the top place in Sundays's 2/3 race at Whitmore's Super Cross Cup. Also, Nick Mashburn took 4th in Sunday's 3/4 race, Jeremy Dunn was 7th in Saturday's 2/3, and Perri Mertens placed 11th in the Elite Women's race. It was an awesome weekend all around.

Don't Forget: Gloucester this weekend! 1287 racers registered!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Casco Bay Cyclocross

By: Pete Smith

As most of the Cambridge Bike ‘Cross Team headed south to try their legs against current cyclocross world champion, Erwin Vervecken, I made the short trip to Biddeford, ME to race what proved to be a very fun and challenging course. Who needs Vervecken anyway? We’ve got our very own world champion in Peter Bradshaw (current messenger world champ). After a slow start I was able to settle into a steady pace, gradually moving forward throughout the duration of the race. Although the results aren’t quite there yet, I feel my cross legs starting to evolve, as the hour doesn’t feel quite so long anymore. Again, Jan was snapping some pics…

Friday, October 5, 2007

Mark McCormack Shares Secrets with CBCross!

Mark McCormack gave an exclusive Cross Clinic for Cambridge Bicycle/Igleheart riders this week and we all own him a lot of cheering and cowbell action this season in return! All who participated showed great improvements in dismounting/remounting and keeping speed through the barriers. Mark has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience and we were lucky to have the opportunity to learn from him.

Thank You, Mark McCormack!

For those who don't know about Mark, here's some history:

Tuesday, October 2, 2007